Terms + Conditions



Management agrees to manage and rent the Home and shall have the non-exclusive rights to do so and will provide the following services: 

Arrange for promotion of the Home to the travel trade by advertising and promotional exhibitions, handle all reservations made by ACE Property Management, and use its best efforts to obtain the maximum rental available. To ensure that the Home complies with all statutory requirements in particular licensing for short term rental, submit all county sales and tourist tax returns for Owners on the Platinum Plan, ensure the maintenance of the Home is kept to the appropriate standards, provide interior housekeeping services and provide customer / guest services as detailed hereunder. The monthly property care fee covers being on call to your guests 24 hours / 7 days a week. Please note that calls after normal office hours will be handled on an emergency basis at a rate of $30.00 per hour plus mileage. Non-emergency issues will be tended to during normal business hours. Customer Service assistance and Registration for your guests. This also includes basic marketing via our Paradise Palms Vacation Rentals website and social media pages.


Management shall obtain the highest possible rental for the home, which will vary between seasons, and shall deduct relevant taxes and commission of 15%. Rental prices are based on the market and the amenities of the home and community. Due to the continual changes in the travel industry and market, ACE Property Management does not guarantee a specific amount of bookings and income. 

The owner is to pay all major home payments such as mortgage, insurance, HOA fees, etc and departure cleans. Management will pay all promotional costs through Paradise Palms Vacation Rentals website and social media pages. Management shall provide Owner with monthly statement and payments made during the month relating to the home. Such statements are prepared and posted on the owner link site by the 15th of the following month. Rental income less the taxes and commission will only be credited to Owners when received and will be posted to the statement in the month that the monies are received by ACE. Travel Agent payments have set payment terms, therefore, agent payments might not reflect on the owner’s statement for 15 – 45 days after guest departure. Excess balances of the owners account will be disbursed as 7-10 business days after the issuance of the monthly statement. 


a) Owner agrees to pay all mortgage, real estate taxes, property assessments association fees (where applicable) home owners association fees, property taxes and home insurance as they become due. Owner may request that Management perform these payments on their behalf in writing. Such payments may be made as long as Owner is in credit status with Management. An Admin Fee will be poster to Owner account when processing these payments. 

b) For new homes or where not already provided, Owner agrees to pay for charges concerned with initiation of telephone services, electric, gas, water, cable and any other relevant services, such payments to include deposits (where required). 

c) Owner also agrees to pay for licenses together with any costs involved in bringing the Home to the required standard. 

d) Owner agrees to set up direct debit payments for gas, electricity, water, telephone and cable if Owner will pay utilities. If under any circumstances there is an interruption to utility services, owner is responsible for reconnection fees, any associated admin costs and if applicable compensation to guests who have been affected. 

e) Owner shall secure proper and adequate home insurance covering rental dwelling naming Management as its agents and as additionally insured, with liability of at least three hundred thousand dollars (300,000.00) and shall provide to Management evidence of such insurance within 14 days of start up Management. 

f) Owner shall maintain a minimum balance of $250 or $1,000 in the ACE client account to cover any monthly expenses depending on the payment option chosen. If Management will cover utility bills, minimum balance of $1,000 is required, if home owner will cover utilities, minimum balance will be $250. Should Management be involved with Non Sufficient Funds, there will be a charge against the Owner of $50.00 on each and every occasion. 

g) Owner agrees to maintain a minimum standard of the home by keeping all maintenance issues up to date and the home with enough house wares and linen to meet state required occupancy levels. Replacement of such items to maintain the home to par levels will automatically be performed. Additional requirements include annual fire extinguisher recertification, annual pool pump inspection, annual air conditioning unit inspection, up to 2 spring cleans per year as necessary, dry cleaning of comforters, cushions, etc as needed and up to two power washes per year as necessary. 

h) Each pool home must be equipped with the following items: Pool fence or pool alarm in each exit door and window leading to the pool area. (1) Adult size life ring mounted to cage or wall. Pool depth markers on pool wall or pool cage. (1) Pool Brush. (1) Pool Net. (1) Hose. (1) Pool Hose Timer. (1) Pool Safety Sign. In the event that the pool is equipped with a pool blanket, said blanket must be installed on a pool blanket roll for safe placement and removal. 

i) Owner agrees to no soliciting or contacting of guests booked directly by ACE Property Management LLC or its affiliates. As ACE Property Management LLC will not solicit owners guests and will only contact in a customer service capacity. 

j) Owner agrees not to solicit the services of any employees or vendors of ACE Property Management LLC.


a) Management shall pay pre-arranged expenses pertaining to the home on behalf of the Owner, as indicated in the associated Service Plan, in a prompt and timely manner with the exception of mortgages, tax, insurance, and association dues, all such payments shall be made by the Owner. 

b) In the event that the Owner fails to make such payments and any guests’ enjoyment is interrupted as a result of any discontinuance of any service, all costs involved will be the responsibility of the Owner, including compensation payable to the guest. 


If in any particular month expenses are in excess of income and Owner owes Management, (see schedule of charges for current fees) then Owner agrees that Management may collect such amounts by using Owners’ credit card or direct bank debit. Monies are due 7 business days after the monthly statement has been issued to the home owner. It will be a requirement for each home owner to set up a payment type method upon signing agreement with ACE. Late fees will be applied to account after 10 business days. 


Management advises owner to book owner visits early. Owner can allocate as many weeks needed for personal use or Owner bookings, though if owner requires management rentals, then both parties will work together on a first come basis. Once management has confirmed a booking with a client, a contract is in place, and depending on the booking type, the booking may not be able to be moved. Owner agrees that any booking that cannot be relocated will remain in the home. Any costs associated with a relocation of a booking from the home due to utilities, owner wishes, or termination of contract, Owner will be responsible for fees associated with move including cost of new home rental for the guest. Owner understands that prior to accepting a booking or making arrangements for home usage, the booking calendar will be checked for availability and time blocked. Do note that the calendar is live/real time and the home may be reserved at any time, therefore a reservation that is recorded in the calendar takes priority over a verbal/written request. 


This agreement shall commence forthwith. A Notice period of 30 (thirty) days is required in writing to terminate this agreement provided that the Owner agrees to permit Manager at Manager’s option, to retain in Home any reservations that had been confirmed prior to the date of termination during the cancellation period and in such circumstances this agreement shall continue to have effect in so far as is necessary for such reservations scheduled after the 30 days to be properly accommodated. If access to home is blocked prior to the 30 (thirty) days termination requirement, a termination fee of $250.00 will be applied to owner account. Termination may also be affected in accordance with clause 4-b and clause 5. 


In the event of any litigation arising from this agreement the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses. Any litigation must be carried out in the county of Osceola, Florida. 


Owner hereby agrees to allow Management to manage the above property for the monthly fee set out in the current schedule of charges according to the Service Plan selected. Owner also confirms that the property shall not be offered to any other letting agency during the period of this contract.

Owner agrees to maintain the Home to Management’s required standard of décor and repair and to permit Management to carry out any remedial work required to maintain such standards up to $100.00 or items that are a security and safety threat. Any items above $100.00 require owner approval unless after hours emergency takes place. Every effort will be made to obtain the prior approval of the Owner where expenditure is required. In order to protect future rental business for our homeowners and for Management, homes which are not maintained to the required standards will cease to be rented by Management until home has been properly maintained. 

This contract shall commence on the first day of the month following receipt of signed online contract accompanied by payment for servicespastedGraphic.pngand will renew itself monthly if neither party provides 30 days termination notice in writing. 


Under extreme circumstances where Owner is in debt to ACE for an amount in excess of $500.00 (but NOT to include target balance), and owner is unable to settle this debt, Owner is hereby notified that ACE may register a lien on Owner’s home to secure this debt. Owner will be given 14 days notice prior to registration. ACE also agrees to cancel the lien within 14 days of settlement of the debt. 


A. Owner agrees it has received, read and understands the ACE Service Plans and has received, read and understands the schedule of fees below:

  1. Property Management: 

a) Platinum Plan: $150/month on auto-payment

b) Gold Plan: $125/month on auto-payment

c) Silver Plan: $100/month on auto-payment

  1. Housekeeping Services:

a) 4 Bedroom/3 Bathroom Townhome: $115/cleaning

b) 5 Bedroom/3 Bathroom Townhome: $125/cleaning

c) 6 Bedroom/3 Bathroom Townhome: $135/cleaning 

  1. Home Maintenance:

a) Air Conditioner Filter: $25/quarter

b) Pest Control: $30/month

c) Pool Service: $75/month (does not include hot tub)

B. Owner understands that the schedule of fees may change at any time. In the event that a change or addition must take place, ACE Property Management, LLC will notify home owner in writing 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to the change taking place. 

C. Owner agrees that Home will be state compliant within thirty (30) days from commencement of this agreement.

D. Owner agrees that all of my Management Documents, Account Payment Option and Start up Payment must be received prior to my account being activated with ACE Property Management, LLC.